út 3.9.202419:00
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FX Šalda Theatre, Liberec
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This is a performance from the 2023/2024 theater season.

Theatrical version of the captivating story of the indomitable people from the mountains.

When Květa Legátová (1919–2012) published her first mature work in 2001, she was over eighty. She shone on the literary scene like a flare from the ridges of the border mountains. Her book won many awards and became the subject of many adaptations. It continues the unique tradition of the village novel and drama, from which the most outstanding fruits of Czech literature were born, to which Želary rightly belongs. A complete cycle of short stories weaves the hard fates of people from Wallachian mines in the timelessness of the first republic into a rare poetic story, where the exposed truth of human existence resonates with the mountain climate.

Experienced author and director Jakub Nvota, who knows the Liberec troupe well from the Mikva and King Lear productions, has created a dramatization for DFXŠ in which the entire ensemble is used without exception. The image of the closed world of a secluded village is composed like a mosaic of images with a stale secret and tense dramatic scenes with a surprising resolution - just like Legátová herself. In his adaptation, Jakub Nvota is based directly on the original series of short stories, which was published under the name Želary, in contrast to the film adaptation of the same name, which follows the plot of Joz Hanula's novella. On the stage of the Šalda Theatre, the vivid image of a mountain village, which mysteriously does not exist on maps, comes to life, and the thrilling struggle of indomitable people for life in the mountain solitudes penetrates the heart with the purity of predatory springs, the scent of herbs and the depth of the high sky. Here, the unbridled and gentle forces of nature conquer human life and determine its age-old limits and the inevitable rhythm of the seasons, love, birth and death.

Tuesday, September 3 ** UFFO ** 7:00 p.m. ** subscribers with ČDA 2023/2024 season tickets, others - entry fee 690, 640, 590 CZK ** pre-sale of tickets from 24.6.