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Zápisník alkoholičky

How easy is it to fall into addiction, how hard is it to admit it and then get out of it? The Notebook of an Alcoholic Woman is an honest cinematic confession of an abstinent alcoholic woman and a non-moralizing look at how women drink. As in The Smiles of Sad Men, director Dan Svátek is based on a true story and captures not only the fall to the bottom of society, but also moments that make you laugh.
Blue Galaxy
Zápisník alkoholičky
90 minutes
Czech Republic
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The film The Notebook of an Alcoholic, directed by Dan Svátek, returns to the topic of drinking and alcohol. This time from the point of view of female addiction. And just as in the case of the tragicomedy Úsměvy sadných mění, which was based on the autobiographical bestseller of Josef Formánek, it is based on real experiences. They were shared by Michaela Duffková on her blog Zápisník alkoholíčky, who won the Magnesia Litera award for her authentic confession. Tereza Ramba gives a captivating performance in the main role. Miloslav König, Martin Finger, Miroslav Hanuš, Jan Plouhar, Oskar Hes or Barbara Lukešová also play. A young, beautiful and successful woman gets married, becomes a mother and plans her future. Actually, she doesn't miss anything, sometimes she has one glass, sometimes even two. And then really the last one. Until suddenly he finds himself completely at the bottom. How hard is it to admit a drinking problem? Why is not even a small child an obstacle to addiction? Where to get the strength to heal and what comes next? The main character decided not to give up, to start treatment and fight with her demon and her family. A similar story is experienced by surprisingly many women today, mostly in secret. The author of the blog and the book, Michaela Duffková, found the courage to speak publicly about her addiction. "For me, the film is something else than for the viewer. Seeing him brings me back to all those events. It's hard, but when it brings me back to those situations as the person it's about, that's an indicator of how well it's filmed and authentically acted. Terka gave such a believable performance that even my family saw me in her," says Duffková, played by Tereza Ramba, about the film. She sacrificed more for the role than ever before, even her hair, to undergo a dramatic transformation along with her character. "I didn't want to, but I felt it was necessary. Dan is an amazing director. He doesn't push you, but basically always gets what he wants. I was happy that my hair finally grew back, but at the same time, work is more important to me than looking good, that's probably clear," says Tereza Ramba, who will be seen in cinemas from July 11, 2024, in Zapisník alkoholicka.