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Based on the real events of an unreal case

Jesus playing European culture. The actor who plays Jesus. Actors who have nothing in common with the actor playing Jesus. Theater provocateurs and preachers of freedom of speech, to whom nothing is sacred. Faithful Christians and muscular defenders of the true faith, interpreters of the law, media prophets... Muslim woman. In 2018, on the occasion of the premiere of plays by director Oliver Frljić in Brno, all of them noisily rushed through the hall of the Goose on a String Theater and the media area. Now comes the time to smoke and clean both. It is necessary to return to where it all began - to the theater.

A furiously cleansing stage ceremony based on the motives of real events surrounding an unreal case, in which Czech society played a leading role, will bring to the stage fragments of legal texts, internet articles and interviews, audience letters, witness statements and the New Testament. In doing so, he confronts questions that are still circulating today. What devils tempt society to divide into warring camps, and why? Can we interrogate each other from the identity that needs the image of the enemy? Can the language of faith, in which Jesus is the savior, be reconciled with the language of art, for which he is a metaphor, other than through a judicial process?

The first part of the production works with border images and symbols that can arouse strong emotions. Viewers are advised that artificial gunfire and strobe effects are used in the game. To highlight the director's intention, the actors smoke cigarettes on stage. The production won the Drama of the Year 2023 award in the Divadelní noviny Awards.

Author: Jiří Havelka and team
Director: Jiří Havelka
Dramaturgy: Martin Sládeček
Scene: Martin Ondruš
Costumes: Luděk Kellner
Props: Petra Jiránková
Assistant director: Ctibor Němec
Inspection: Hana M. Senková

Starring: Dalibor Buš, Růžena Dvořáková, Vladimír Hauser, Milan Holenda, Dušan Hřebíček, Jan Kolařík, Sylvie Kee Krupanská, Tereza Maxmilián Marečková, Dominik Teleky, Tereza Volánková, Zdislava Pechová, Michal Sikora j.h., Ctibor Němec j.h.

Performance duration: 100 minutes without intermission
Premiere: 11/11/2022