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A list of everything worth living for. Will you write it with us? A monodrama that believes in a better world.

"Director Karin Krajčo Babinská tried to stage the text in the spirit of theatrical illusion. Richard Krajčo brings the story closer to the audience in a darkened auditorium on a realistically designed stage. In this way, the intimacy and fragility of the testimony of the boy who inherited his mother's tendency to depression is strengthened. Krajčo is very convincing in this role, he successfully avoids the pitfalls of sentiment, has a natural gift of contact with the audience, sensitivity to experience, and even applies himself as a singer."
Radmila Hrdinová (Novinky.cz)

Authors: Duncan Macmillan, Jonny Donahoe
Directed by: Karin Krajčo Babinská
Dramaturgy: Pavel Ondruch
Translation: Magdalena Zelenková
Expedition: Marek Cpin

Played by: Richard Krajčo

Performance duration: 90 minutes without intermission
Premiere: January 26, 2023