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The wildest team building. This is life and the nearest restaurant is a thousand miles away. Comedy full of crazy moments and drama with elements of dark humor.

Four successful female managers shipwreck as part of a team building event on a desert island. Four women with various family backgrounds. One of them has twins at home, the other is afraid that her husband is cheating on her, the third is lonely and biting, the fourth has a nervous breakdown. In the demanding situations that survival on a desert island places on them, even ordinary negative character traits are shown to be life-threatening.

Author: Tim Firth
Directed by: Jakub Nvota
Translation: Kateřina Holá

Starring: Veronika Žilková, Anna Kulovaná, Kateřina Peřinová, Pavlína Mourková

Duration of the show: 105 minutes with an intermission
Premiere: 30/01/2024