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Tiché místo: První den

Jestli chcete přežít, musíte zůstat potichu. Úspěšná hororová sága Tiché místo se v novém díle vrací ke dni, kdy agresívní mimozemšťané přiletěli na naši planetu. Prvotní šok prožijete spolu s obyvateli New Yorku, města, které neztichne ani na okamžik.
Blue Galaxy
Tiché místo: První den
CZ subtitles
99 minutes
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Sam (Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o) originally went to New York for a day trip. Because some people are incredibly unlucky, she chose the day they arrived. The giant insect-like aliens immediately began to let humans know that it was only a matter of time before they ceased to be the masters of creation. Those who manage to survive the first wave of attacks find that the only defense against the intruders is to remain completely silent. That's easy to say, but hard to do, especially in the noisiest city on Earth. New York suddenly turns into a giant trap from which everyone tries to escape as quickly and quietly as possible. Sam is on the run with Eric (Joseph Quinn), a strange guy she accidentally ran into while trying to hide somewhere. It goes better in twos, but on the other hand, the threat that you will miss a word, bump into something, rattle something... And they are waiting increases exponentially. "When you're a family, you naturally try to stick together and stay together," the film's star Lupita Nyong'ok refers to the heroes of the previous two installments, the Abbott family, struggling to survive on a remote farm. "In this film, it's the exact opposite. We have soloists brought together by a global catastrophe. How will they communicate with each other if they can't in the simplest way? How will he prepare a survival plan?" asks questions that will only be answered by the cinema. The successful saga A Quiet Place is the brainchild of actor, screenwriter and director John Krasinski, who is signed on as a producer and co-writer of the script. Although this part takes place before the events of the previous two, it will connect with their story in at least one storyline.