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A nostalgic trip to the nineties

You were a little kid and you were just playing. do you remember The story of the most successful band in the history of Czech music. The story of a band that was born by mistake, and the story of a generation that grew up on it by mistake. A story that gives you hope that even if you are born in Most, you can still become a legend.

Four representatives of one generation are searching for the originator of their ruined taste. And under the coating of nineties trinkets, they find a terrifying truth. On February 27, 1995, a particularly bright meteor entered the atmosphere, the fragments of which fell in Bohemia and Moldova. On the same day, the groups Lunetic and O-Zone were formed. Chance?

Authors: Janek & Natálka & co.
Directed by: Janek Lesák
Screenplay: Janek & Natálka
Dramaturgy: Natálie Strýčková Preslová
Choreography: Kamila Mottlová
Music: Lunetic & Ivo Sedláček
Costumes: Paulína Bočková
Lighting design: Dano Kozlík
Sound design: Vojtěch Drobek Krátký
Production: Helena Plicková
PR: Jan Urban
Visual: Dominik Miklušák
Produced by: the creative group of Alena Poledňáková and Vladimír Tišnovský

Cast: Láďa Karda, Janek Lesák, Martin Cikán, Jan Strýček, Kamila Mottlová, Barbora Nechanická, Michal Máša, Karel Jinda

Performance duration: 90 minutes without intermission
Premiere: 27/11/2021