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Sylvanian Families ve filmu: Dárek od Freyi

Red Dwarf
Sylvanian Families ve filmu: Dárek od Freyi
66 minutes
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You don't know Sylvanian Families yet? Now is your chance to meet them: Beyond the high mountains and dense forests lies the village of Sylvania. And Sylvanian Families live in it. Originally from Japan, these cute animal characters have become popular with children all over the world and have instantly become a global phenomenon. However, these are no ordinary toys. They have their own names and birthdays, live in stylish houses surrounded by nature and live a life full of love and understanding. Each villager has a mission and a unique story, making Sylvania more than just a fairy tale world. And the protagonist of the film, Freya, lives in it, a friendly rabbit girl who likes to organize parties for other children, likes to help everyone, and therefore cannot be missed anywhere. The annual festival is coming up in the village of Sylvania, and while everyone is excited and preparing their festival pieces, Freya has a problem. It's her mom's birthday on the day of the festival and she has no idea what gift to give her. And on top of that, she was given the important task of choosing the Tree of the Year, the main event of the festival. Will Freya be able to handle it all? What gift should she give her mother? And which tree is the most beautiful?