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A comedy for a man and a woman. Lively, funny, but does not lack more serious tones. You probably know it yourself. A chance meeting brings you together with someone you are extremely attracted to. The slight problem is that your worldviews are completely but completely incompatible.

Luisa is a freelance writer. Alexander is a restaurant owner in the middle of a divorce. Luisa has no children. Alexander has three daughters. Luisa has many interests. Apart from women and his restaurant, Alexander is not interested in anything. The only thing that unites them is the fear of aging and loneliness. And the decision to try their luck together. And then Alexander learns the last thing he would like to hear at the beginning of his new life...

Author: Eric Assous
Directed by: Ondřej Zajíc
Translation: Alexander Jerie
Costumes, set: Miroslav Král

Starring: Lucie Vondráčková, Hynek Čermák, Zuzana Slavíková (voice of the policewoman)

Duration of the performance: 120 minutes with an intermission
Premiere: 2 November 2022