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A dance drama that won't leave you alone for a moment...

In 2022, 100 years have passed since the birth of the South African cardiac surgeon, Professor Christiaan Neethling Barnard, who was the first to perform a successful heart transplant in 1967. The show Srdce tells the story of Erika and Sebastian, two medical students. From their carefree studies at college, a story full of dramatic moments unfolds. Their lives will be divided for a time. The last time Sebastian sees his beloved Erika is as a member of the transplant team.

Erika's fate really crossed the path of the author of the story, doctor Milana Pokorná. Only years later did she find a way to convey the powerful experience. Without words. To implement the project, she approached Richard Ševčík, choreographer and soloist of Ballet DJKT with a flair for portraying individual characters and a gift for telling a story through movement. She left the space to the authors of musical works, rock musicians and composers Jan Rejent and Pavlo Lochman.

Authors: Richard Ševčík, Jan Rejent, Pavel Lochman
Libretto: Milana Pokorná
Choreography and direction: Richard Ševčík
Music: Jan Rejent, Pavel Lochman
Stage and costumes: Marek Cpin
Supervision: Jiří Pokorný
Professional collaboration: Jan Pirk, Eva Pokorná
Projection: Jakub Mareš
Lighting design: Igor Stašković
Choreography assistant: Zuzana Hradilová

Performers: Abigail Baker/Sara Antikainen/Kristýna Miškolciová, Justin Rimke/Richard Ševčík, Karel Audy/Gaëtan Pires, Mami Mołoniewicz/Andronika Tarkošová/Afroditi Vasilakopoulou, Miroslav Hradil, Zuzana Hradilová, Luisa Isenring/Novella Petrucci, Adéla Krandová/Cynthia Brandan, Victoria Roemer/Michela Quartiero, Aneta Pašková/Margarida Gonçalves, Michal Lenner/Marcos Márquez/Simone Carosso, Karel Roubíček, Miroslav Suda/Marius Mathieu, Giacomo Mori, Rostislav Ševčík, Kristýna Balatá

Performance duration: 110 minutes
Premiere: 4/1/2022
Recommended age: 10+