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Sladký život

Mistr světa v hokeji, který miluje krásné ženy a rychlá auta, musí projít nečekanou životní zkouškou, aby nezklamal své nové přátele a rodinu, o jejíž existenci neměl tušení. Vladimír Polívka v nové komedii od tvůrců filmu ŽENY V BĚHU.
Blue Galaxy
Sladký život
102 minutes
Czech Republic
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Hockey representative Rosťa Beran (Vladimír Polívka) is a fighter in every inch. He lives in a luxurious apartment, has a fast car and many young lovers in the spirit of the motto: I don't marry over thirty! Money and the title of world champion give him a wonderful feeling of inviolability and superiority. But nothing lasts forever... An unexpected collapse in bed with a beautiful blonde makes a thick EKG line behind Rostová's godlike well-being. The transplant of his new heart will be conducted by the strict doctor Magda (Petra Hřebíčková), with whom he once spent a single night and never spoke to her again. In addition, the debts from a profligate life deprive Rosťa of his last crown, and the only thing left from his glorious life is the world champion's medal, which is saved for him by his former manager and friend (Vojtěch Kotek). Rośta must find new life energy, optimism and the courage to start again from scratch. He is mainly helped by Jindřich (Jan Cina), a serious and responsible guy who is raising a six-year-old daughter by himself, has a heart of gold, and even though he sincerely hates Rosťa at first, they soon become best friends. Rosťa is surprised to discover that the life of ordinary mortals can be as beautiful and unique as love for the right woman over thirty... "With a comedic plot and a stellar cast of excellent actors, we want to continue the best traditions of classic and Czech comedies. A smile, positive emotions and a good mood are more important than ever in these days full of confusion and bad news, and I believe that our film will make the audience happy," promises director and producer Tomáš Hoffman, who is behind such successful hits as Women in run, Participants of the tour, Women in temptation, Women's crack on the neck and a number of other proven titles.