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Rychle a nemožně

A crazy parody of action films and one of the hits of the French film season. Fast and impossible is an adrenaline ride full of gags and funny allusions to iconic scenes from blockbusters such as Fast and Furious, Terminator 2, Mission: Impossible, Rambo, Indiana Jones, but also Kingsman or Ladies' Gambit.
Red Dwarf
Rychle a nemožně
90 minutes
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Thought you'd seen it all from the creators of the crazy French comedies Babysitting, Turnkey Alibi or Turnkey Alibi: D-Day? That their crazy gags are unmatched and the border of absurdity insurmountable? They are, but they still manage to outdo themselves. In The Fast and the Impossible they serve an excessive portion of fun and tension spiced up with exciting action scenes and witty references to the classics of the genre. Get ready for an adrenaline race for your life across three continents. It's gonna be a ride! A clumsy but good cop, Rayane discovers that his grandmother has been kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartel. He now has three days to deliver the astronomical ransom. With his partners, as a fearless avenger, just at all, he goes on a crazy mission across France, Abu Dhabi and the Mexican jungle to save her. A merciless battle against time begins. "The intention was to make an American-style comedy. We needed spectacular sequences. And because I wanted to parody Mission: Impossible and especially the scene in which Tom Cruise conquers the famous Burj Khalifa in Dubai, I chose Abu Dhabi and the Conrad Towers," describes director and actor Tarek Boudali of one of the epic scenes that was filmed on the 300-meter-high landmark of the United Arab Emirates. "With a skyscraper, it's not about whether you get hurt or not, it's about whether you survive or not. There is no middle ground. Fortunately, I have stunt coordinator Christophe Marsaud by my side, who is very insightful. He is my second dad, he taught me everything I know. I have a special relationship with him, considering that I constantly put my life in his hands. And you don't entrust your life to just anyone! When I come up with something crazy, he tells me if it's possible or not. And if so, let's go for it," he adds, adding that he definitely didn't stick to the ground in Quick and Impossible.