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Princezna na hrášku

Bylo nebylo, v daleké Francii žila princezna Agnes de Sully de Montana Bleue. Nikdo by přitom nehádal, že se doopravdy jmenuje Anežka a narodila se v Čechách. Náhle se ale musí kvůli velkému nebezpečí do rodné země vrátit a o urozeném původu přesvědčit nejen svého vyvoleného, ale hlavně Hraběnku. A stejně jako v původní pohádce Hanse Christiane Andersena, ji čeká mimořádně tvrdá zkouška.
Blue Galaxy
Princezna na hrášku
80 minutes
Czech Republic, Canada
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In a fairytale French castle, Princess Agnes de Sully de Montana Bleue is awakened one day by the menacing roar of a crowd under the windows. A disgruntled populace is rioting in the country, and she must get to safety immediately. There is no time for noble robes or full chests, so she becomes an outcast. On the advice of her chambermaid, she sets off to her long-forgotten native land, to distant Bohemia, where, after her son falls in love with Agnes, the distrustful Countess subjects her to a severe test that we all know so well: she leaves her mercilessly laid to rest on a small green peas. Will the princess succeed in the tried and tested test and prove her noble origins? Or will he fall into a deep sleep after a long exhausting journey? Jasmína Houf, Dagmar Havlová, Lucie Vondráčková, Martina Adamcová, Pavel Kříž, Ladislav Korbel and others star in the new adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's classic fairy tale. "Our princess Jasmína Houf is the most beautiful and the best actress for this role. The most beautiful actress of her generation, and the best actress in the Czech Republic, Dagmar Havlová appears in the role of her grandmother. The two of them play the opening scene together, which is so touching and believable that we don't even think for a moment whether one of them has more experience in front of the camera or less," praises the meeting of the two protagonists in front of the camera, director Martina Adamcová, who also portrayed the character of the Countess. "The Pea Princess is a notorious fairy tale, but it's short, which is a big challenge for screenwriters. Director Martina Adamcová and I searched for where the princess got married and what she is running away from. And since we didn't find the answer, we came up with our own. At the same time, we had to build tension so that the audience believed that he had to run away and leave everything he loved in France. The sand helped us with that. We didn't want to shoot a riot, a guillotine, an attack on a castle, so we came up with the idea of telling the children about the dangerous situation using sand and animals (wolf, owl, dragonfly)," adds screenwriter Pavla Krečmerová. To create sand animations, she approached the artist Alex Dowis, who also collaborated with Lucía Bíla, Karl Gott or Vladimír Jiránek.