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Povaha lásky

Sophie lives a comfortable, if somewhat dull, life with her partner Xavier. Until she meets Sylvain, it doesn't even occur to her that passion is missing from her life. However, when a philosophy professor and a handsome builder accidentally collide, not only does a spark jump, but the entire forest catches fire. Sophie is soon faced with the decision of whether to give priority to her heart or her intellect.
Red Dwarf
Povaha lásky
CZ subtitles
110 minutes
Canada, France
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A peaceful partner life without sex is better than a relationship where there is passion and arguments. That's what Xavier thinks, but as it soon turns out, his long-time partner Sophie doesn't quite share the opinion. One afternoon, she cannot resist the electrifying attraction of self-confident maintenance man Sylvain, hired to renovate their weekend house. What follows is an instant sexual understanding, an explosion of suppressed desire. Under the direction of Monia Chokri, the film about love turns into a razor-sharp tragicomedy, which offers a fresh look at the shortcomings of monogamy, as well as making the woman the subject through whom we experience eroticism and sensuality in the film.