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Entrance fee: 450 CZK

More: https://www.petrajanu.cz/

She was born on November 19, 1952 in Prague. Since 1972, she performed in Semafor. From 1977 she sang with the group Pro-rock, with which she released her first album Motorest. In 1978, she finished in second place in the Golden Nightingale. In 1987, 1988, 1989, she became the Golden Nightingale.

In 1980, she released the album Exploduj! (Ota Petřina wrote almost all of her songs, sometimes also the lyrics) and Petra Janů became a unique rocker on our music scene. In the same year, she shot the film Concert with the Pilsen group Bumerang. In the 1980s, she collaborated with Ondřej Soukup and Petr Janda. The commercially successful albums Jedeme dál and S láskou.... were created. After the album Jedeme dál, Petra Janů moved freely from rock music to the waters of pop music. In 1987, she became the "Golden Nightingale" for the first time. She was at the height of her fame in the eighties, when she sang her biggest hits (I'm not free anymore, My little premiere, Tell me, The world has hope with love...)

In the 1990s, she rather reoriented herself to musicals, in which she began to play, limited her concert appearances and did not release new albums. With the arrival of the year 2000, however, he actively returns to concert stages and at the same time renews his collaboration with Petr Janda and Ota Petřina. He performs concerts around the country and is actively involved in various charity projects.

As part of her 60s, in 2012, she released a large 3CD compilation My Pilgrimage - Golden Collection, which charts her 40-year career as a singer.

In 2015, she teamed up with the backing band Amsterdam, and in addition to concert lines, she also recorded the new album Blázni with them, which was released in 2017.

The concert is for sitting.

Thursday 26 September ** UFFO ** 19:00 ** entrance fee 450 CZK ** advance ticket sales from 2 April