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Ibsen's drama as musical theater

The drama Ghosts becomes the starting point for director Jan Nebeský's ninth Ibsen production. The five characters form a microcosm in which each of them manifests in their own way. The difference between an actor and a singer doesn't matter. A comic book world is created, in which it is completely probable that one speaks and the other sings back.

Taste the oppressive atmosphere of Ibsen's Nordic world, where a nightmare emerges from the mire of hereditary sins. The story of the widow Helena Alvingová and her son Osvald, who returns to his family home years later to gradually uncover not only its terrifying secret, but also the hypocrisy of the entire family. A story of love and cowardice. Grotesque situations and extravagant costumes together with the bizarre sounds of individual characters (singing, speaking, insect sounds) create a strange world. Sometimes humorous and comical, sometimes oppressive. The horror on the ground plan of a realistic drama breaks through the directorial and musical grasp into the genre of a very specific and contemporary opera.

The combination of director Jan Nebeský and music composer Matouš Hejlo promises a significant grasp of the genre and a significant contribution to the possibilities and forms of musical theater in the 21st century. For the music for the production, Matouš Hejl received the prestigious Theater Critics Award 2022.

Author: Henrik Ibsen
Director: Jan Nebeský
Translation: František Fröhlich
Music: Matouš Hejl
Libretto: Lucie Trmíková
Scene: Jan Nebeský and Petra Vlachynská
Costumes: Petra Vlachynská
Installation and video: Tine Surel Lange

Cast: Lucie Trmíková, Miloslav König, Igor Chmela, Petr Jeništa, Vanda Šípová/Eva Hartová
Band: Antonín Procházka (drums/percussion), Petr Tichý (bass guitar), Rostislav Pavlík/Jiří Gent (tuba), Jan Mikušek (dulcimer), Štefan Szabo (guitar)

Performance duration: 90 minutes
Premiere: 10/04/2022
Accessibility: 15+