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Mark Wahlberg se během vytrvalostního závodu napříč džunglí spřátelí s toulaným psem v dojemném příběhu natočeném podle skutečných událostí a podle knižního bestselleru Mikaela Lindnorda „The Dog Who Crossed the Jungle to Find a Home“.
Red Dwarf
CZ subtitles
107 minutes
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After nineteen years of endurance racing, Michael (Mark Wahlberg) stands on the starting line for the last time. Over the next six days and nights, he will once again try to lead his team to victory at the Adventure Racing World Championship in the Dominican Republic. In the challenging terrain across the wild nature, however, in addition to the obstacles, a surprising encounter awaits him. He comes across an abandoned dog who joins him and becomes part of the team. On the 700-kilometer course, a strong bond will develop between him and Artuš, as the airedale terrier cross is named. The loyalty and devotion of the four-legged companion will amaze not only Michael, but also the other members. Everyone reaches far beyond their limits and the race begins to be complicated by injuries. But it soon turns out that together they are unbreakable. A true story of courage and friendship, in which popular actor Mark Wahlberg and stray dog Artus prove that life's greatest victories often come without medals, but rarely without a fight. But the most difficult obstacles create the strongest bonds, moreover, in places where few would expect it. Even in the dangerous terrain of the Latin American jungle. Does this seem like a hard to believe story? But he really happened! “Michael is so obsessed with winning his last race that he is willing to sacrifice almost anything to do so and is quite selfish. He will take a portion of his own savings and his wife's savings that will go toward the entry fee. During the race, he unexpectedly encounters a stray dog who joins him on the track. When, under the influence of circumstances, he has to decide whether to sacrifice the dog or victory, he finally shows his human face. But at that moment, the real race begins - a race against time, because in order for Artuš to survive, he needs to get him to safety and provide him with medical care. And the story gets emotional," says Mark Wahlberg about his character. What about the real Mikael Lindnord, who was the model for the role? "I'm happy to be played by Mark Wahlberg," smiles the Swedish racer. "I already knew before filming that he was one of the best actors. And he repeatedly confirms it in this film," he adds.