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Drama theater A
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A road movie of two completely different women who, under normal circumstances, probably wouldn't have anything to say to each other, but a joint escape from stereotypes brings their paths together.

Two not-so-traditional female hitchhikers are waiting at the drop-off at night. About forty-year-old slightly uptight Margot, who ran away from her daughter's eighteenth birthday party and her escape is unlikely to be noticed even by her husband. And Claude, a generation older, who, in a baggy dressing gown, runs away from the retirement home with the ease of a gangster and chases after a life full of adventures and love affairs, which she still has to experience.

There is nothing that unites these women. From the original bickering over the first stopped car, an idea for a joint escape from stereotypes is gradually born, which will connect their paths together. And it is the common journey between them that will create a wonderful relationship. Sometimes really explosive, full of twists, arguments and confrontations, but other times full of quiet understanding. These two absolutely different women mirror each other's mistakes and difficulties they have to deal with in their lives. And they do it with great insight and humor, because only on the way do they find out how strong they really are. The play is a wonderful opportunity for both female leads, sparkling with kind true humor and humanity.

Author: Pierre Palmade, Christophe Duthuron
Translation: Alexander Jerie
Directed by: Jakub Nvota
Scene: Karel Čapek
Costumes: Katarína Hollá
Music: Kamil Mikulčík
Starring: Carmen Mayerová, Tereza Kostková

Tuesday, June 18 ** UFFO ** 7:00 p.m. ** subscribers entry with ČDA season tickets, others - entry fee 690, 590, 490 CZK ** pre-sale of tickets from 20 May