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We cordially invite you to a unique concert, in which a cross-section of the entire musical career of our greatest singer and golden nightingale performed by 24-year-old Kristián Šebek will be heard with humility and respect (not like Revival!), accompanied by accompanying words and stories of his songs. In addition, the whole experience will be enhanced by a spectacular lighting design, first-class guests and fantastic sound. All this accompanied by a fifteen-member live orchestra.

Kristián Šebek: "Even as a little boy I admired the singing art and charm of our greatest Czech singer. I learned from him and wished I could not only sing his songs, but at least a little as well as he did. And that's how Karel Gott became my role model and still is today. I have been singing his songs since my early childhood, and even during his performance, the idea arose to pay tribute to him and spread these wonderful melodies. After his departure, we shelved these plans, fearing that we would be considered presumptuous, and only now do we dare to present our project to the world.”
We realize that Karel was and will be only one, and we do not come with an effort to curry favor with the audience as a kind of substitute. My biggest wish is that his songs continue to be heard and can please his audience, all in the form they deserve.
The concert is filled with a cross-section of hits by Karel Gott, Karel Svoboda, Jiří Shtaidl and other master composers, from the beginning of his career to his last concerts. All songs are richly arranged and accompanied by a live orchestra of up to 15 members, including percussion, brass section, string quartet and other instruments.

Organizer: InHeart Production, s.r.o

Saturday 30 November ** UFFO ** 19:00 ** entrance fee 990, 890, 790 CZK ** advance ticket sales are not provided by UFFO