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Horror slapstick and humor for the hardened

Dead pantomime... Is pantomime really dead? A solitary being. Too strange for the living and too alive for the dead. Waiting. When the time is ticking. You too. Is he alive? Or does he himself watch from above how he lives or lives?

Hrobník's story reveals the predestination of man, the adversity of fate and the inability to reverse anything. Sarcasm and exaggeration go hand in hand with lyrical pantomime. The most cruel turning points in human life are told through body language. Undertaker Azrael's Sisyphean brigade is a chained sitcom where the smile freezes on the lips while the humor eats into the bones.

Author, director, actor: Mates Petrák
Directing supervision: Roman Horák
Music: Ivo Sedláček
Production and technique: Jakub Urban
PR and social networks: Kristýna Maryšková

Performance duration: 55 minutes
Recommended age: 15+