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Life in Hollywood can kill you. Famous porn actress Maxine finally gets her chance to break through in a "normal" movie, but at that moment a feared serial killer gets in her way. MaXXXine is a stylish piece with playfulness balancing between horror and gritty detective story.
Red Dwarf
CZ subtitles
103 minutes
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Like any other girl in Hollywood, Maxine (Mia Goth) aspires to become an acting star. Although she is recognized and appreciated, unfortunately only among fans of porn films. That's not enough for Maxine. An undeniable dose of talent and sharp elbows will help her get the main role in the horror of the ambitious director Elizabeth Bender (Elizabeth Debicki). Maxine is ready to grab the chance by the scruff of the neck with both hands and never let go. At the same time, an elusive serial killer nicknamed the "Night Stalker" is on the rampage in nighttime Los Angeles. His last three victims were Maxine's circle of friends. Should she be unsettled, or should she continue to concentrate one hundred percent on her role, as the demanding director demands of her? Is it even possible to focus on shooting a horror movie when real horror is happening all around? Tie West's MaXXXine is a free ending to his horror trilogy, which also consists of the horror films "X" and "Pearl", which you don't need to know to fully experience MaXXXine. Lead actress Mia Goth sees Maxine as a very quirky superheroine. “It took her an awful long time to get to where she always wanted to be. She didn't get anything for free, which hardened her beyond belief. In short, she's a tough girl who doesn't take the word 'no' for an answer," says the actress.