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Wheeler, who repairs cameras for a living, although he once had more, is recovering from a difficult breakup. He finally took the plunge and moved out of his ex-wife's two-year makeshift garage into an apartment in a pool complex in Linda Vista, San Diego. In a mild panic of middle age, he begins to look for a new relationship. And luck seems to be on his side…

Is it really possible to start with a clean slate when we have already made some major choices in life? Which direction to go?

A comedy for adults, as the author himself describes the show, about the pitfalls and contradictions of middle age and the fact that we simply cannot get rid of some things and experiences that have accumulated in our lives, but will have to accept them.

Parents are requested to consider visiting their minor children due to the theme of the play.

By Tracy Letts
Translation: Jitka Sloupová
Director: Ondřej Sokol
Dramaturgy: Markéta Kočí Machačíková
Scene: Adam Pitra
Costumes: Katarína Hollá
Music: Milan Pastyrik
Projection: Jaromír Vondrák

Starring: Vasil Fridrich, Dalibor Gondík, Ondřej Malý, Sandra Černodrinská, Lucie Žáčková, Markéta Stehlíková, Ha Thanh Špetlíková/Marie Sawa

Duration of the show: 165 minutes with an intermission
Premiere: 21/11/2021