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Lassie: Nové dobrodružství

Konečně prázdniny! Letos je Florian odmítá strávit bez své milované Lassie a udělá pro to cokoli. I kdyby to znamenalo vyměnit dovolenou s rodiči na Kanárských ostrovech za léto na statku v Jižním Tyrolsku s tetou Cosimou, jejími svěřenci, sourozenci Kleou a Henrim, a Jack Russell teriérkou Pippou.
Blue Galaxy
Lassie: Nové dobrodružství
91 minutes
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The world's most famous collie is finally returning to the silver screen! And how else than with her loyal partner Florian by her side. But not only with him. In the new adventure, in addition to new two-legged and four-legged friends, they are also faced with a really dangerous task - they have to find out who is behind the mysterious kidnappings of dogs, including their friend, the little Jack Russell terrier Pippa. There is a thrilling spectacle for the whole family and an unforgettable movie experience for all dog lovers, young and old. Lassie goes on a rescue mission with her best friend Florian and their new friends Clea and Henri. This time, the long-haired collie's courage and wit are especially needed, as he must get to the bottom of the strange disappearance of several purebred dogs and outwit a pair of particularly cunning villains. Finally holidays! This year, Florian refuses to spend it without his beloved Lassie and will do anything for it. Even if it meant exchanging a holiday with his parents in the Canary Islands for a summer on a farm in South Tyrol with Aunt Cosima, her charges, siblings Clea and Henri, and Jack Russell terrier Pippa. When Florian, Kleo and Henri hear that dogs are mysteriously disappearing in the neighborhood, they become quite worried and start to worry about Lassie and Pippa. And shortly after, their darkest fears come true! Someone breaks into Aunt Cosima's house and steals Pippa! And so it is immediately decided. All three friends, together with Lassie, set out to catch the thief and rescue not only the little Jack Russell terrier, but also all the other kidnapped dogs. A new adventure begins! The touching story of the inseparable friendship between a boy and his dog is the sequel to Lassie Comes Home, based on the world bestseller by Eric Knight, which caused a real sensation in 2020. It was presented in 144 countries and made the long-haired collie Lassie a real celebrity. "It was an even bigger challenge than the first part. We read the script a year in advance and worked closely with its author, to whom we could tell what works, what doesn't work, and offer alternatives," explains Renate Hiltl, who has more than 30 years of experience preparing animals for filming and she also collaborated on the previous film with Lassie. The result is a lot of exciting action scenes with animals, in which the viewer feels that the animals are brilliant, fear no danger and throw themselves into risky situations. But in reality, the scenes were filmed in such a way that the four-legged actors could play them without any problem.