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A touching, tragic story of love, cruelty and personal transformation

A thrilling story about love and cruelty from the circus environment based on the film of the same name by Federico Fellini. The story of the kind and kind-hearted Gelsomina, who is sold by her family to the rude nomadic circus performer Zampan. The narrative follows their tumultuous relationship while traveling through Italy.

Human destiny is woven from the complex fabric of our triune being, made up of body, mind and soul. Our being is the result of the interplay of these three parts: the body represents the physical, that is, our outward appearance and abilities, the mind controls our intellect and emotional intelligence, and the soul, residing in the heart, controls our emotions. In the figurative sense of the word, these elements can be likened to the main characters of our story. Zampano personifies the body, Matto - the fool personifies the intellect and Gelsoma's soul. As these characters come together despite their differences, the full palette of this tragic story unfolds before us.

Another layer of the story, Gelsomina's tragic end, serves as a poignant catalyst that reveals the depth of Zampana's feelings. A cruel loss will lead him on a journey of self-discovery, where he must come to terms with his own vulnerability and the powerful power of love. As the narrative deepens, it evolves into a somber reflection on regret, a poignant admission of irreplaceable loss. The narration thus turns into an emotional probe into Zampano's soul.

Music: Nino Rota
Libretto, concept and dramaturgy: Jiří Bubeníček, Nadina Cojocaru
Choreography: Jiří Bubeníček
Scenography: Nadina Cojocaru
Costume Design: Nadina Cojocaru
Lighting design: Jiří Bubeníček
Choreography assistants: Lenka Šustová Hrabovská, Igor Vejsada
Musical dramaturgy: Jiří Bubeníček, Nadina Cojocaru
Musical arrangement: Petr Holman

Dancers: soloists of the Prague Chamber Ballet and members of the Prague Junior Ballet
Performed by: Marie Hasoňová (violin), Karolína Blehová (trumpet), Martin Lesa (accordion/guitar)

Performance duration: 80 minutes
Premiere: 10/03/2024