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A concert theater concept of Shakespeare's work

William Shakespeare in the 21st century. A unique concert theater concept of Shakespeare's works performed by 8 great actors - singers, 5 musicians and an actor - emcee. There will be 36 songs in many musical styles from ballads to rock, folk, hip hop, reggae and swing. The premiere took place at the Summer Shakespeare Festival 2022. Due to the great audience success, the team around the main authors, music composer Daniel Fikejz and director Filip Nuckolls, decided to present this exceptional project in other places as well, in a renewed premiere.

Humor, original artistic elements including a 5.5 meter high W. Shakespeare puppet, playful choreography, beautiful costumes, interesting projections and imaginative direction appealing to all generations. The lyrics of the songs are sung mainly in Czech, but also in the original English. The overall artistic concept, like the music, combines history and the present in an interesting way.

Daniel Fikejz has been setting W. Shakespeare's texts to music for 32 years. He has 26 Shakespeare premieres with 10 different directors.

Theme, script, music and arrangement: Daniel Fikejz
Director, script: Filip Nuckolls
Costumes: Sylva Hanáková
Author of the drawing of the portrait of W. Shakespeare: Petr Sís

Performers: Richard Tesařík, Andrea Holá, Jan Sklenář, Lucie Palonciová, Simona Zástěrová, Tereza Nekudová, Milan Malinovský, Matěj Štrunc, Ctirad Götz, Kateřina Pechová and others
William Shakespeare's Band of Lonely Hearts – musical accompaniment: Daniel Fikejz (keyboards, guitar, vocals), Jiří Hes (bass guitar), Jan Chmelík (guitars), Jakub Doležal (winds, keyboards), Jaroslav Noga (drums)

Duration of the performance: 120 minutes with an intermission