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You can talk about everything. In fact, no topic should be taboo between good friends and relatives. But when Vincent, a successful real estate agent, confides his intention to give his son a controversial name at dinner with his sister Elizabeth, a French teacher, and brother-in-law Pierre, a professor of literature, it seems that the line of civilized conversation has been crossed. Apparently, middle-class prejudices are bigger than the liberals present thought. The real escalation will come after uncovering the charge that is hidden in the family history.

Authors: Matthieu Delaporte, Alexandre de la Patelliere
Directed by Thomas Zielinski
Translation: Jaromír Janeček
Art concept: Linda Rybová, Thomas Zielinski
Music: Roman Zach

Starring: Roman Zach, Jana Janeková Jr., Petr Lněnička, Jan Dolanský, Linda Rybová

Performance duration: 110 minutes without intermission
Premiere: 25/03/2015
Recommended age: 15+