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Já, Padouch 4

Nejslavnější animovaný zlosyn se vrací! Ve čtvrtém díle série Já, padouch byste nechtěli být v Gruově kůži. Nejen že do jeho už tak velké rodiny přibylo další dítě, které mu brnká na nervy. Z vězení navíc uprchnul jeho letitý nepřítel, který má na Grua a jeho rodinu opravdu velkou pifku.
Blue Galaxy
Já, Padouch 4
94 minutes
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Time cannot be stopped, and this also applies to the villain Gru, who has "taken a photo" and instead of ingenious villainous plans, he is thinking of how to curry favor with his tiny son, Gru Junior. He much prefers his mother Lucy and permanently calls his father. However, a villain named Maxime Le Mal, who bullied him back at the base, causes a little deeper wrinkles for Gru. He's just escaped from a prison he got into with Gru's great help, and he wants revenge more than anything. And since the Anti-Supervillain League sees this as a threat of the worst kind, they place Gru and his family in the witness protection program, which means new identities and a peaceful life in the suburbs. And as if that weren't enough, five extraterrestrial volunteers join a special program to equip them with superpowers in case Gru's cover is blown. Of course, the ambitious plan flies in the face of giant proportions, since the Super-Kids are super-magnets for disasters of all kinds, and because next door to Gru's new house lives a teenage girl who aspires to a career as a supervillain and instantly recognizes Gru. And she longs to be taught by this master. We must not forget the vengeful Maximus, who is waiting for his chance. Even the fourth part of the I, the villain series is first and foremost a grotesque, brilliantly combining the gags of the Mimons with a family adventure story, in which Prim Gru, the girls and also Gru Junior, who can't speak yet, but his talent for mischief is manifested in moderation unprecedented.