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Imaginární přátelé

Imaginary Friends is an adventure story about a girl with extraordinary abilities and a heart in the right place. Director John Krasinski made a family film that seeks the answer to the question: "Where did the fictional heroes of our childhood go and what are they doing now?"
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Imaginární přátelé
108 minutes
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An ordinary teenage girl Bea (Cailey Fleming) has a unique "gift" - she is able to see imaginary friends of people around her and talk to them. "Imaginary friends are not just cute characters created by a child's imagination. They are the time boxes in which we stored our hopes, dreams and plans as children. We can all return to them, even if as adults we think they are long lost," says director John Krasinski. The fictitious heroes of his film are precisely those imaginary friends whose childhood companions have grown up and forgotten about them. And it is Bea, who thanks to her unique ability to see them all, decides to find new friends for these "orphans". She is helped by a slightly geeky neighbor (Ryan Reynolds) who has the same gift. An impromptu dating site for imaginary friends soon turns into an adventure trip into a world filled with boundless fantasy, where really anything can happen. "I tried to make a film that everyone would really enjoy. I want the adults who see it to be reminded of their childhood, at least for a moment. To make them realize that they can revive them whenever they want. Regardless of whether and what imaginary friend they once had," adds Krasinski.