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Obyvatelé zchátralého bytového domu musí bojovat proti armádě smrtících, rychle se rozmnožujících pavouků. Osamělému šmelináři Kalebovi táhne na třicet, pořádná práce nikde a do toho se po smrti matky hádá se svou sestrou o dědictví. Je vášnivým milovníkem exotických zvířat, a tak jednoho dne přitáhne do svého pokoje plného zářivých vivárií pavouka, jenže ten mu nešťastnou náhodou uteče. Předměstí
Red Dwarf
106 minutes
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About the director Director and screenwriter Sébastien Vaniček has Czech roots, but he grew up in a Paris suburb. He always liked to draw, especially comics. At the age of 15, he stole his father's video camera and began filming insects. He gradually discovered the possibilities of editing, sound design and developed his love for visual arts. Today, Sébastien Vaniček is the recipient of many international awards for his short films. Vermin is his first feature-length feature film with an important social message - it is a "natural horror" where spiders serve as an allegory. "Fear of the unknown, fear of others. I think spiders are the best way to deal with the subject. The metaphor of the story is clear: we fear what we don't know or what we think might hurt us. And when you want to express it best, you can use a fun formula. So the first goal is to glue the viewer to the screen, then all the layers of the story can begin to unfold. Vermin contains different levels: there is an ironic aspect, a scary one, and even a touching one," says director Sébastien Vaniček. Foreign reviews For many, Sébastien Vaniek's haunting directorial debut may be too big a bite. Arachnophobes beware, this movie might be your worst nightmare! Thanks to the amazing effects and the story, it is the best spider horror movie of recent times, which has excited the audience and the reviewers. From the Sitges Film Festival 2023, the creators brought home the Special Jury Prize, and the film even received two nominations for the French national film awards César 2024 – for Best Visual Effects and Best First Film by a Director. The film Havěť has an excellent rating on IMDB, ČSFD