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Dramatization of the novel

"If there is anything that tests the genuineness of human life, it is not happiness but suffering."

A new dramatization of Alena Mornštajnová's bestseller. It is the winter of 1954, and nine-year-old Mira goes down the river on the ice floes despite her parents' prohibition. She falls into the water and is punished by not getting dessert at a family party. However, this innocent incident from childhood marks a major turning point in Mira's life. A tragedy follows, which binds her to her infant and depressed aunt Hana for many years and reveals a troubled family history. Why does Hana cowardly shut herself off in her own world? Why does she hide her past from her niece, which would make her a heroine? Will it be possible to dissolve the dark circle in the family history?

Alena Mornštajnová made her debut in 2013 with the novel Slepá mapa, the second novel Hotýlek was published in 2015. Mainly thanks to the novel Hana from 2017, she became one of the most popular contemporary Czech authors. When writing, she was based on the real realities of post-war life in Valašské Meziříčí, which was hit by a typhus epidemic in 1954.

Author: Alena Mornštajnová
Direction and dramatization: Diana Šoltýsová
Dramaturgy: Lenka Smrčková
Stage and costumes: Agnieszka Pátá-Oldak
Music: David Hlaváč
Movement collaboration: Irena Kristeková
Lighting design: Daniel Rejchrt

Starring: Lucie Andělová, Anna Kratochvílová, Kamila Sedlárová, Martina Eliášová, Martina Nováková/Ivana Machalová, Lenka Loubalová, Irena Kristeková, Jaroslava Košková, Barbora Kostkanova

Duration of the performance: 130 minutes with an intermission
Premiere: 6/1/2021
Warning: There will be gunfire in the performance. After the start of the production, it is not possible to allow late-arriving spectators into the hall.