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Some people get a Jeep as part of their kit at birth, others don't save up for it all their lives. Fortunately, a new inheritance reform is coming into effect, which will restore hope to all those who were not favored by the sperm lottery. Newly, anyone who buys a ticket in the state lottery can inherit. But if he's lucky... A theatrical mockumentary following the tragic events that took place at a Munich employment office and which the world didn't notice because of the current Champions League final. Kafka's vision of today's world, in which a member of the middle class loses one of the last options to acquire real estate - an inheritance.

A new comedy by German author Nora Abdel-Maksoud nominated for the Müllheim Drama Award for the best play of 2022. The translation of the text was created with the support of the Czech Literary Fund Foundation.

"An apt satirical probe into the essence of the depravity of social policy and the absurdity of its bureaucratic apparatus. All four acting protagonists well captured the typology of the entrusted characters, the honor of the partner, the chosen form of exaggeration, the timing and the points of all the situations played out."
Helena Grégrová, i-divadlo.cz

Author: Nora Abdel-Maksoud
Director: Martina Schlegelová
Dramaturgy: David Košťák
Translation: Martina Schlegelová
Scenography: Anna Brotánková
Costumes: Simona Pekařová

Starring: Milada Vyhnálková, Natália Drabiščáková, Richard Fiala, Tomáš Kobr

Performance duration: 90 minutes
Premiere: February 12, 2023