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A comedy about the peculiarity of relationships and the eternal search for happiness between men and women. Four acting and singing duets. Two life losers who met through an ad, a big boss with his faithful secretary, a married couple on a dream vacation and not quite the youngest bride, who is getting married for the third time thanks to the "support" of her cynical brother. Man is a strange creature who does not stop hoping even in the middle of a total apocalypse. Sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement.

By Peter Quilter
Directed by: Jakub Nvota
Translation: Pavel Dominik
Scene: Karel Čapek
Costumes: Lenka Polášková
Choreography: Ivana Hannichová
Musical staging: Kryštof Marek
Accompanist: Sára Marková Bukovská
Production: Gabriela Poledniková
Sound: Karel Mařík
Lights: Jiří Holý

Starring: Monika Absolonová, Filip Blažek

Performance duration: 145 minutes including intermission
Premiere: 15/06/2020