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Dance-theatre performance

A reflection on love as a tricky, difficult, but essential theme, which the author portrays in relation to his vision of the specifics of the Italian character and Italian identity in general. 

Evgeny Kozlov recounts and portrays the images of love emanating from Calvino's work in a unique dance-theatre performance in which various characters intertwine on the path of love. Bodies become letters and represent emotions, images of existence. Moments of life crystallise into gestures of the characters who experience and express desire, hope, disappointment, play, happiness... 

The relationship between man and woman becomes a pretext to explore and resolve romantic tensions in a passionate and tumultuous sequence of scenes and images. These are set in a timeless era that, now and then, enters our ears like well-known music... All this on a sun-drenched beach, with the flavour of a country with an unmistakable character and tradition.

The production makes full use of the surrealism and symbolism of the contemporary St Petersburg scene, of which Yevgeny Kozlov and his Do-Theatre are probably the most prominent representatives. 

Choreography and direction by Yevgeny Kozlov
Costumes by Giulia Santoro
Lighting design by Mario Villano
Music by Valentin Stip, Phil Von, Roman Dubinnikov and Mooryc
Sound, Video: Yevgeny Kozlov
Background voice: Galliano Mariani
Technical Assistant: Michele Ambrose
Filming and video editing: Pietro Vaglica
Photography: Giovanni Franco and Luca Mazzone

Cast: Noemi Bottone, Davide Cannata, Federica Marullo and Francesco Russo

Running time: 65 minutes 
Premiere: 16 September 2022


Translated with DeepL.com (free version)