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Cruel Nordic comedy

From birth, a person lacks 0.5‰ of alcohol in the blood to be happy. It's time to fix it! Four friends, high school teachers (history, music education, physical education and psychology) long ago resigned from their life goals and dreams in the work and private spheres. Burnout has caught up with them and they survive in the monotonous stereotype of daily duties. Until one day, at the 40th birthday party of the youngest of them, they learn about a peculiar theory of a Norwegian philosopher. She claims that a person is born with a deficit of half a percent of alcohol in the blood. If he supplemented it, his life would immediately be more colorful, he himself would have more self-confidence, he would be more creative and generally more satisfied and happy.

Due to the stagnation of their lives, they decide to verify this thought experiment in practice. So Martin, Nikolaj, Peter and Tommy buy alcohol and breathalyzers. The experiment can begin… It seems that the theory really works! So what to increase the doses? Logically, the amplification of all those positive results should also come. And then it remains to work on the so-called ignition!

Thomas Vinterberg, co-author of the screenplay and the theatrical adaptation, is also the director of the film of the same name, which won the Oscar for the best foreign language film of 2020.

Authors: Thomas Vinterberg, Tobias Lindholm, Claus Flygare
Directed by Thomas Zielinski
Translation: Michaela Weberová
Dramaturgy: Martina Kinská
Scene: Lukáš Kuchinka
Costumes: Andrea Králová
Projection: Jakub Krejčí
Movement collaboration: Jana Burkiewiczová
Stunt rigging: Jan Kohout, Marek Czukás
Professional cooperation: MUDr. Jakub Simek
Assistant director and inspector: Petra Štanclová
Production: Tereza Marková

Starring: Petr Stach, Jacob Erftemeijer, Robert Jašków, Tomáš Petřík

Performance length: 135 minutes including intermission
Premiere: 29 April 2023