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The cabinet of juggling curiosities is a systematic juggling excursion into the depths and secrets of skillful manipulation of objects. Myths, facts, arguments and unexpected connections. Interactive performance blurring the boundaries between theatre, new circus, stand-up comedy and scientific lecture.

Ever wondered who juggled what and how many pieces of it? Did you know that the first mention of juggling comes from a 4000 year old wall painting from Egypt? That Leonardo da Vinci was a passable juggler? That you burn 280 calories in an hour of juggling, which roughly corresponds to the same time spent playing badminton? Or that juggling has remarkable effects on brain structure and that there is a mathematical notation for juggling? And last but not least, the universe is a de facto fascinating juggling trick. What about juggling and theology? What about juggling and you!?

The new performance of Brothers in a trick aims to introduce the viewer to the history and background of juggling as a unique movement activity and circus discipline in a unique and interactive form. You can look forward to illustrative demonstrations, reconstruction of forgotten juggling techniques and tools.

Václav Jelínek and Adam Jarchovský have been juggling independently for over 20 years, and for the past 11 years this circus discipline has become their common means of expression. At the same time, apart from artistic activities, they use juggling as a tool for working with various groups of people within the philosophy of the worldwide phenomenon of the Social Circus. In cooperation with the Artists4children organization, they worked with at-risk youth in India, Palestine, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia, among others. They have been connected with the Prague center for the new circus - CIRQUEON since its foundation and have behind them educational projects for example in the Jedličk Institute, Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital, the Blind Circus project and others. Everywhere, juggling has proven to be an activity that can potentially appeal to everyone and be of great benefit to them. To juggle is to be better!

This performance is not only a glorification of one circus discipline, but also a thoughtful advocacy of juggling. All this wrapped in the authentic and original humor of the Brothers in a trick, who will serve you a performance that will make you want to throw it away!

Concept, direction: Brothers in a trick
Cast: Adam Jarchovský, Václav Jelínek
Producer: ART Prometheus, Michaela Holbíková
Photo: Anna Šolcová

Friday, May 31 from 7:30 p.m. ** marquee ** entrance fee CZK 290 ** advance ticket sales from April 15