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Cate Blanchett as a hunter of people in the film adaptation of the legendary game Borderlands. Director Eli Roth has created an action-packed, crazy, colorful and fun adventure.
Blue Galaxy
102 minutes
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Lilith (Cate Blanchett), an infamous manhunter with a mysterious past, is reluctant to return home to Pandora, the most chaotic planet in the galaxy. Her mission is to find the missing daughter of Atlas (Edgar Ramírez), the most powerful villain in the universe. Lilith forms an unexpected alliance with a group of outlaws - the hardened mercenary on a mission Roland (Kevin Hart), the uncontrollable precocious destroyer Tina Tina (Haley Greenblatt), Tina's cocky protector Krieg (Florian Munteanu), the eccentric scientist Tannis (Jamie Lee Curtis), who has already seen everything, and the unbearably outsmarted robot Claptrap (Jack Black). Together, these unlikely heroes must battle an alien species and dangerous bandits to uncover one of Pandora's most explosive secrets. The fate of the universe might be in their hands - but they will fight for something more: each other.