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Birthday Girl

Nanna pozvala svou dceru Cille a její nejlepší kamarádku na plavbu zaoceánskou výletní lodí mířící do Karibiku na oslavu Cilliných 18. narozenin. Vysněná dovolená se však hned první večer změní v noční můru.
Red Dwarf
Birthday Girl
CZ subtitles
95 minutes
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A thrilling drama about a mother who persistently seeks justice. Single mother Nanna invites her daughter Cille on an ocean cruise to the Caribbean to celebrate Cille's eighteenth birthday. Both have high expectations for the trip and pre-made plans for what to spend their time on board and how to celebrate their birthdays. However, on the very first evening, the dream holiday turns into a nightmare, there will be rape - or not? Mother's hunt to investigate the case begins, which complicates the space of international waters where no rules apply. Danish director Michael Noer's psychological thriller is captivating from start to finish, and with its constant plot twists, it shatters our imaginations of what will happen next. It makes us sympathize with Nanna, who has to take matters into her own hands and fight for justice. Trine Dyrholm gives a stellar performance in the lead role.