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Back to Black

Byla zjevením a jedním z největších pěveckých talentů 21. století. Mohla dokázat neuvěřitelné věci. Ale nestihla to. Ve filmu Back To Black prožijete krátký, ale o to intenzívnější životní příběh Amy Winehouse.
Blue Galaxy
Back to Black
CZ subtitles
123 minutes
USA, Great Britain
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Two people had a major influence on the life and career of Amy Winehouse (Marisa Abela). The first was her grandmother Cynthia (Leslie Manville), a quirky, soulful and original woman who gave her her animality, her love of jazz, her desire to always go her own way and not compromise on it. The other person was her boyfriend Blake (Jack O'Connell). Life with him was like a very frantic roller coaster ride, during which Amy picked up a few nasty addictions. Paradoxically, in the most difficult period of her life, when she lost both of these points of support (her grandmother died of lung cancer and she broke up with Blake), her seminal record Back to Black was created, which is one of the best in the music of the 21st century so far arose. Amy became a superstar thanks to her, she got back together with Blake, but the attention of the whole world that was coming to her, this maybe too fragile girl had no chance to stand, even if she tried and almost succeeded. "I wanted to film Amy's story from her point of view. The only truth about her life is hidden in her songs. That's why I decided to tell in her words, her texts. In them, he confesses his love, pain, and disappointments. They are full of deep emotions and quite often harsh humor," says director Sam Taylor-Johnson. The Back To Black album won five Grammy Awards, sold over 16 million copies and its seminal songs, including Rehab, Love is a Losing Game and the titular Back To Black, will be heard in the film.