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A story about the confrontation between genius and mediocrity

A great dramatist, a famous play, a captivating theme, strong emotions, a fight for immortality and music instead of weapons. Vienna in the gloomy November days of 1823. Music composer Antonio Salieri enjoyed fame and admiration from the highest social circles of the monarchy, but only until Mozart appeared. A cocky, immature kid who rejects the social order and puts only himself and his music in the center of attention. The moment Salieri first heard it was a merciless epiphany. There is no evidence that Salieri actually murdered his son of genius in the musical field. But the truth of poets is different from the truth of biographers, and often it is a deeper truth.

Shaffer's Amadeus is not just the story of two composers of the late 18th century. It is a story about a captivating confrontation between genius and mediocrity, depicting the eternally recurring clash of talented and unique personalities with the smallness of their surroundings. It is a drama about the greats of mankind and about ourselves.

Author: Peter Shaffer
Director: Stanislav Slovák
Translation: Martin Hilský
Scene: Jaroslav Milfajt
Costumes: Jaroslav Milfajt and Lenka Jungwirt
Musical collaboration: Miroslav Liška
Movement collaboration: Martin Pacek
Dramaturgy: Alice Olmová
Inspection: Dominik Grácz
Help: Libuše Berková

Starring: Ondřej Frydrych, Kryštof Malec, Barbora Sedláčková, Denis Kuboň, Miroslav Liška, Miloslav Čížek, Vítězslav Kryške, Petr Sutorý/Tomasz Władysław Przybyla, Tomáš Hába, Štěpán Válek, Eliška Adamovská, Bára Vidomská

Performance length: 130 minutes (+ 20 minute intermission)
Premiere: 9/9/2023